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November 10, 2020
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Overcoming Obstacles: Pushing Through With Faith

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Every person on the planet is undergoing their own set of obstacles and burdens at any given moment. And those obstacles can cause different reactions; hard-heartedness, regret, guilt, anger and anything you could possibly imagine.

How we handle those obstacles is the real test of our faith. While some respond with rash emotions, some use these as an opportunity to exercise their faith and overcome those obstacles through dedication and hard work, so that they in turn, can make them better people.

Faith is the most important component when it comes to overcoming these obstacles. As spiritual movies have taught us, faith can move mountains and inspire real change in those we don't expect it to. Using that faith, we can know that obstacles are put in place for a reason, and that through faith, they can be worked through and eventually overcome. The continual hope that things will work out in the end is the first step to overcoming those obstacles.

Trust is another component that you need in order to overcome these harsh obstacles that come up time to time. That trust can help us to know that the burdens we carry are not a permanent condition. Instead, if we work hard enough to overcome the obstacles, we may be surprised to learn later on that those obstacles were for our own good.

In fact, we should trust that when these problems first arise, that they are in place to teach us something new and perhaps even shape us to be better people in general. The trust that all things are for are good can help us to overcome those burdens and obstacles quickly and with purpose, knowing that there is something that can be learned from them.

Using the tools of faith and trust to overcome obstacles is a real solution to getting over these small roadblocks, so that we can get over them faster and use them to our advantages. Too often individuals are quick to condemn God or use anger and blame as coping mechanisms for these burdens, and unfortunately it just leaves them feeling empty and ignored.

Reading scriptures, going to church, watching spiritual movies and talking to church clergy can help us to learn that faith and trust are the only ways to deal with the sadness and anger that come with obstacles in our lives. Keep in mind that those obstacles are not problems, but rather stepping stones towards the kind of person we are striving to be.


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