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June 19, 2020
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Fun Activities For Kids Using Holiday Cookie Cutters

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There are many fun and creative activities that can be done with holiday cookie cutters to keep your kids entertained throughout the Christmas holiday season as well as other fun occasions including Halloween, the fourth of July, and birthdays. Cookie cutters are not only great for making various shaped cookies, but can also be used for other craft projects that will allow your children to have fun and express their creativity while keeping them occupied for several hours. In this article you will learn some creative ideas for using holiday ones not only during the Christmas holiday season, but all year round as well.

Kids Cookie Cutter Activities for the Holidays

The traditional Christmas holiday cookie cutters are always great fun for children when they are allowed to choose their own shapes and decorate the cookies themselves when they are done. However, instead of using regular cookie dough you can make your favorite fudge or Rice Krispy treat, let them set up, and cut out different holiday shapes with them. Kids will also enjoy making Christmas ornaments with holiday ones which can be easily done by mixing one cup each of cinnamon and applesauce into a clay-like texture then rolling it out and cutting them with them. If necessary, you can add a little more cinnamon or some flour to make them easier to shape.

Leave the ornaments to air dry on wax paper for a few days turning them over each day until they are dry. A hole for hanging them with ribbon or string can be easily placed in them after with a plastic straw. Halloween cookie cutters can also be great fun for kids, decorating the many different traditional shapes of ghost, pumpkins, and witches. Halloween ones can also be used to cut out the different shapes in sandwiches or cheese and in Jell-O by cutting the shapes from gelatin that has been chilled in a square cake or brownie pan. Children also really enjoy decorating animal shapes for Halloween including owls, spiders, bats, and cats.

Cookie Cutter Craft Projects

With the hundreds of shapes available in cookie cutters today including shapes for special occasions and other holidays such as birthdays, wedding, baby showers, the fourth of July, and Easter, they can be used for many different activities aside from making cookies including craft projects kids will really enjoy. With Play-Doh or similar children's modeling compounds, kids can use the cookie cutters to cut out their favorite shapes, flowers, letters, or animals. Children can also use any cookie cutter shape to trace an outline on a piece of white or colored construction paper and add their own colors or details with crayons or colored pencils. Cookie cutters are also great to take along to the beach as children can easily create a variety of shapes in the sand. As you can see, holiday cookie cutters can be utilized for more than just cookies and can also give your kids hours of creative enjoyment.


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