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March 29, 2020
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A Beginner's Guide to Table Setting

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For most people, table settings are something to admire at special events, such as gala dinners or weddings, and few of us pay much attention to table setting etiquette when we entertain in our homes. To make our dinner (or luncheon) tables more attractive, we use a clean tablecloth; set the table using matching silverware and china and occasionally plop a vase of flowers in the center. If you've never given much thought to how you set your table, you should. By creating the right mood for your gathering, beautiful table settings contribute much to the success of your party, whatever the occasion may be.

It's important to be aware of the extensive variety of table setting options and ideas available to you so as to choose one that is appropriate to the occasion. A wedding table setting, which should enhance the romantic, elegant mood of the evening, would not make an appropriate baby shower table arrangement, for instance. If you are setting the table for a Valentine's Day dinner for two, using candles and a touch of red can add a more personal, intimate touch.

Table settings differ not only according to the occasion, but also according to cultural traditions and perceptions. An Asian table setting is different from an African table arrangement or a western country-style one. Table settings can also be customized according to the time of the year and, of course, seasonal holidays. Using one of the many festive Christmas table settings will set the tone for your Christmas dinner and contribute to the cheerful mood of your guests, and carefully chosen Halloween table arrangements can add excitement and fun to a children's Halloween party.

To learn how to create original, appropriate table settings that complement the setting of any event you are hosting, consider the points below:

- Imagination and creativity: These are the key factors in creating beautiful table settings for every occasion. By using your imagination, you will be able to put together lovely (and singular) table settings that need not cost too much money at all.

- Table color scheme: Regardless of whether you are setting the table for a children's birthday party or a business luncheon, make sure that the colors of you tablecloth or placemats, napkins, china (or even paper plates) do not clash. You may use different colors or various shades of the same color - as long as the effect is pleasing to the eye.

- Centerpieces: A centerpiece is a wonderful way to enhance the beauty of your table and it can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. A lovely vase of carefully chosen flowers, a bowl of colorful fruit, votives floating in a bowl of water are just some of the hundreds of centerpieces you can use to make your table setting more attractive and appetizing.

- Central theme: Always have some kind of a theme in mind as you decide on the table colors and / or centerpiece you want to use for your table setting. This makes it much easier to put together an appropriate, attractive table setting that will enhance the meal you are serving your guests. For instance, you could decide to use a tropical theme for the luncheon you are hosting to celebrate your friend's July birthday. You might then choose a tropical fruit centerpiece and two different shades of green for the tablecloth and napkins.

Table setting is not only something to admire at formal functions. It doesn't have to be elaborate or involve using expensive silverware and valuable crystal; simple, creative ideas can create wonderful table settings that will contribute immensely to the success of any event you host.


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