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10 Mar 20
The year's biggest day for caloric consumption arrives Thursday and overeating will be have a big seat at the feast table.Thanksgiving brings families and friends together around a spread of food like no other holiday. The challenge on this food-heavy day is knowing how to pace yourself to eat well, enjoy the company and not end up feeling like an overstuffed turkey.

For most people, table settings are something to admire at special events, such as gala dinners or weddings, and few of us pay much attention to table setting etiquette when we entertain in our homes.

29 Mar 20

Flags have always played a big part in cultures around the world. That is not any different in the United States of America.

09 Apr 20

I presented in my two previous articles that I've shifted Egyptian dynasties 1 through 12 along the timeline earlier by 161 years and I have moved Egyptian dynasties 13 through 20 earlier by 124 years

30 Apr 20

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24 May 20
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Decorating With Holiday Wall Decals
Decorating for the holidays... it's a fun and happy time, filled with memories of getting together with family and friends. If you've got happy recollection of putting up your Christmas or Hanukkah decorations each year, chances are you know how important it can be to get together on such occasions.
15 Jul 20
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Christian Guitar Lessons Provide A Musical Outlet To Worship The Lord
In many churches the sound of gospel music can be heard echoing through the halls. Where some congregations prefer the angelic tones of a choir accompanied by an organ, there are other religious meetings that are moved by the strains of worship guitar chords.
03 Aug 20
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Christmas Party Games -- Serious Holiday Cash!!
A popular Christmas party game is the singing of Christmas carols. "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is one of the most popular carols and is sure to be included in any party sing-along.
27 Aug 20
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Easy To Bake Easy To Make Bread
Copyright (c) 2012 www.oilyhairoilyscalp.comBreads are perhaps one of the oldest fabricated easy baking foods in the world, arguably, the earliest findings dating back as far as 30000 years ago! Although, the first breads more resembled paste, rather than anything we know today.
30 Aug 20
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Finding Indie Music on the Internet
Have you ever had the classic experience with a close friend who tells you about a great song and is very confident that you will love it just as much as he or she does? Upon listening to it, you begin to question the trust you have in them, and no longer have faith in their musical opinions.
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19 Jun 20
There are many fun and creative activities that can be done with holiday cookie cutters to keep your kids entertained throughout the Christmas holiday season as well as other fun occasions including Halloween, the fourth of July, and birthdays.
29 Jul 20
Many speeches are full of sentiments, while best man must give best man funny speeches. Some time fond of speakers on a wedding event it's time to show support, wishes and personal feelings. It happens to be needed that the speech need to be serious as the occasion is formal, yet there has to be humor included.
03 Oct 20
The cross is a sacred emblem of the Christian faith. It has a deep and sacred meaning for the Christian world. It is a symbol of redemption, signifying Christ's death on the cross for man's sins. The cross was rarely seen during the first three centuries of Christianity. Descriptions of the cross are found in Christian writings from the early 2nd century on.
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02 Jul 20
It may be time for new antique doorknobs in your space. If you have an old home and are trying to keep it as historical as you can, that may mean you have gone to a number of great lengths to keep everything that came with it originally. But that's not always easy.
19 Aug 20
Ask any modern singer or songwriter for a list of their influences, and you're more than likely to see pop mastermind Burt Bacharach at the top of their list. Know best for his many hits that span the 1960s, '70s and '80s, Burt Bacharach's songbook is one of the best known in modern times.Burt Bacharach was born on May 12, 1928 in Kansas City, Missouri.
20 Oct 20
Religious arts & crafts allow crafters the opportunity to showcase the symbols of their faith, and the opportunity to craft an expression of their faith into tangible form. In this manner, religious crafts provide a way for the faithful to proudly acknowledge their beliefs, and profess their love for their god or gods.
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